Cooking school of the Ask the Chef: master-class on fish and seafood from Constantine Ivleva

February 20, Cooking school of the Ask the Chef again when school opened its doors to professionals and fans of cooking. The first lesson of this year was dedicated to dishes from fish and seafood, and the master-class was held a working kitchen of restaurant «Parus». Konstantin Ivlev, chef and owner of the restaurant «Parus», one of the founders PPCR and Cooking schools Ask the Chef, has prepared for the participants of the special menu is modern, light and at the same time, versatile enough for both restaurant supply, and for home use.
Participants of the master class under guidance of Konstantin Ivleva two hours prepared carpaccio Dorado with puree of olives, Tartar of tuna with sesame sauce, guacamole, tar-tar of salmon with celery and cucumber on tomato gazpacho soup with seafood and pasta with sea bass and asparagus.
The master class was held in a unique atmosphere of culinary creativity - Konstantin not only showed and explained the proposed formulation, but also gave advice on product selection, preparation of sauces and garnishes, planning menus. After cooking guests gathered around a large table in the restaurant «Parus» and were able to enjoy the hand-made delicacies. All participants of the master class, noted the serious approach Culinary school Ask the Chef to the supply of material and practical skills, and also thanked Konstantin Ivleva for fun and interesting cooking lessons!

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